July 4, 2022



Woman captures moment bolt of lightning struck her porch in terrifying clip

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A woman opened the door to her porch to film a fierce storm when a bolt of lightning suddenly struck a post, as seen in a viral TikTok video.

Stacy Holley shared the video to her account @therealstacyholley, where it amassed more than six million views and attracted thousands of commenters to share their thoughts on the shocking clip.

According to NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory, if someone is near something that was struck by lightning, it may be dangerous.

“The lightning may hit a tree then branch off and hit something else, or after the current travels through the tree trunk, it can also travel through the immediately surrounding area, and into anything or anyone nearby,” the organization stated.

Because it happens so quickly, what was struck is not electrically dangerous for long.

Holley panned the camera around to show a heavy downpour of rain when a bang rang out and sparks flashed.

She let out a surprised scream before she quickly got back inside.

“Oh my God!” Holley exclaimed before the video ended.

In one of the followup videos she shared, the post on her porch appeared to have split.

“The odds of this happening are incredible,” a viewer commented.

“And this is why I tell my husband not to sit out on the porch in a storm,” another commenter wrote. “Thanks for documenting the validity of my point.”

Many commenters cracked some jokes about the close call Holley had.

“This is the best reason to call into work,” one viewer quipped. “Save it.”

Wrote another TikTok user, “Phone now at 100% battery.”

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“Mother Nature said ohh [you’re] recording! OK watch this!!” a comment read.

“Zeus was just in a silly goofy mood,” a viewer joked, while another suggested the Greek god was “feeling bored.”

Newsweek reached out to Holley for further comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

A woman captured the moment that lightning struck a post on her porch in a now-viral TikTok video. Above, a stock image of a flash of lightning.

Holley is not the only person to have a close call with lightning.

Newsweek previously reported that a storm chaser captured the moment lightning struck a car that contained a five-person family. They were shaken up, but otherwise unharmed. The storm chaser said the car was dead.

A collection of videos showed the flashes of lightning that danced across the night sky during a thunderstorm in Southern California in October. Residents were told they should remain inside until the lightning subsided.

Another video showed a lightning bolt hitting a tree in Australia, which was followed by a scream by the person filming.

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