July 4, 2022



Six CAB searches in three counties after suspected trafficker came to garda attention for ‘flashing his cash’

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A criminal who came to the attention of local gardaí in Nass, Co Kildare, for “flashing his cash” and driving around in a top-of-the range vehicle has become the latest target of raids by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

he 41-year-old target has previously served a jail sentence for his role in a violent assault and sources say he has established an important crime network in Co Kildare and neighbouring counties.

“One thing about this individual is that he has not been shy about displaying the trappings of his wealth and this brought him to the attention of local CAB profilers,” a source said.

“Information came in that he was flashing his cash and the vehicle he was driving certainly raised a few eyebrows,” the source added.

Gardaí are now investigating his links to international crime networks and have gathered information on his associates.

The CAB seized luxury vehicles, jewellery and cash after searches in counties Kildare, Kilkenny and Wexford this morning.

The operation involved searches at six separate locations, supported by gardaí in the Naas District and the Emergency Response Unit. No arrests were made.

Assets seized included a BMW X5 with a 211 registration, two motorcycles, €13,500 in cash, and 12 watches, including six Rolex watches, two Audemars Piguet watches and two Cartier watches.

“This morning’s operation was conducted in the context of an on-going CAB proceeds of crime investigation targeting assets linked to a significant drug trafficker and his associates residing in the Kildare area,” a garda spokeswoman said.

“The case was referred to the bureau by a profiler working in the Naas Garda District and reflects the continued importance of the asset profiler network in identifying CAB targets nationwide,” she added.

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The target has well over 20 previous criminal convictions but has not faced serious charges in recent years. He has been monitored by gardaí for some time.

By the end of 2020, the CAB had trained and recruited over 500 local profilers to increase its crackdown on organised crime gangs operating outside the capital.

The profilers are recruited from every Garda division and are trained up before being sent back to work closely with their colleagues in their own districts.

Their task is to identify drug dealers and other criminals who are active in their areas, build up a profile of them, and then send a dossier to the CAB’s headquarters to be examined by its intelligence assessment office.

After a study of the profile, a decision will then be taken whether there is sufficient evidence to pursue the targeted figures for their assets. That is what happened in today’s case which led to searches in three Leinster counties.

“This will be a significant blow to the operations of this individual and his crew,” a source pointed out.

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