August 11, 2022


‘Several people’ shot dead in Copenhagen shopping centre attack, man (22) arrested

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A gunman opened fire inside a busy shopping mall in the Danish capital yesterday, killing...

A gunman opened fire inside a busy shopping mall in the Danish capital yesterday, killing several people and wounding several others.

22-year-old Danish man was arrested, Copenhagen police inspector Soren Thomassen said, adding there was no indication that anyone else was involved in the attack.

Inspector Thomassen said it was too early to speculate on the motive for the shooting, which happened in the late afternoon at Field’s, one of the biggest shopping centres in Scandinavia and located on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

When the shots rang out, some people hid in shops while others fled in a panicked stampede, witnesses said.

“It is pure terror. This is awful,” said Hans Christian Stoltz, a 53-year-old IT consultant. “You might wonder how a person can do this to another human being, but it’s beyond anything that’s possible.”

Police were still unclear last night about how many people had died in the incident.

Inspector Thomassen said the suspect was an “ethnic Dane,” a phrase typically used to mean someone who’s white.

Danish broadcaster TV2 published a grainy photo of the alleged gunman, a man wearing knee-length shorts and a tank top, and holding what appeared to be a rifle in his right hand.

“He seemed very violent and angry,” eyewitness Mahdi Al-Wazni told TV2. “He spoke to me and said it (the rifle) isn’t real as I was filming him. He seemed very proud of what he was doing.”

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen said the Scandinavian country had been hit by a “cruel attack”.

“It is incomprehensible. Heartbreaking. Pointless,” she said. “Our beautiful and usually so safe capital was changed in a split second.”

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After the shooting, an enormous contingent of heavily armed police officers patrolled the area.

Witness Laurits Hermansen told Danish broadcaster DR that he was in a clothing store at the shopping centre with his family when he heard “three, four bangs. Really loud bangs. It sounded like the shots were being fired just next to the store”.

Organisers called off a concert by Harry Styles that had been scheduled at the nearby Royal Arena.

On Snapchat, Styles wrote: “My team and I pray for everyone involved in the Copenhagen shopping mall shooting. I am shocked. Love H.”

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