July 2, 2022



Over £100 off Mesh Wi-Fi 6 kits and Powerline adapters in Spring Sale

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Amazon has its 2022 Spring Sale running for the first two weeks in April, and there are a bunch of great home-tech gadgets with decent discounts.

Mesh Wi-Fi router kits are one of the best ways you can speed up your home network, and TP-Link is a market leader in Mesh systems.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the best fix for poor Wi-Fi signals and internet speeds around your home.

Even if you don’t have WiFi 6 compatible devices yet, you should invest in the latest wireless standard if you can. And it’s a lot more affordable with these deals.

TP-Link’s top-of-the-line Deco X60 AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System offers up to 7,000 square feet coverage and a 1GHz Quad-Core CPU. Its WiFi 6 credentials mean that it supports the fastest wireless standard available in the home.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, HomeCare Antivirus and Parental Controls, the Deco X60 comes in a pack of three adapters, and usually costs £399.99.

Amazon now has it for just £289 – a 28% saving of £110.99.

Reader our TP-Link Deco X60 review.

TP-Link Deco P9 Mesh kit

That’s the biggest saving, but Tech Advisor’s tip for the best Mesh Wi-Fi system is the TP-Link Deco P9 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System that uses Powerline technology as its backbone.

It offers up to 6,000 square feet of wireless coverage via its dual-band AC1200+HomePlug AV1000 adapter sporting Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Note that it’s WiFi 5 rather than WiFi 6.

This pack of three adapters is £50 off at £149.99 (down from £199.9), a 25% saving.

Read our TP-Link Deco P9 review.

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TP-Link Deco X20 Mesh kit

Back to blazing WiFi 6, the two-pack 1.5GHz TP-Link Deco Voice X20 AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System features two Gigabit Ethernet ports per adapter and has coverage of up to 4,000 square feet.

There’s a generous 30% (£85) off with the Mesh system selling for just £195, down from £279.99.

TP-Link Deco X50 Mesh

The TP-Link Deco X50 AX3000 Whole Home AI-Driven Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System boasts three Gigabit Ethernet ports per adapter, and can wirelessly coverage up to 6,500 square feet.

There’s 21% (£60) off the three-pack system – down from £289.99 to £229.99.

TP-Link Deco S4 Mesh kit

The Deco S4 isn’t a high-end system but at this price you won’t care – it should still cure your Wi-Fi not-spots.

Usually it’s £129.99 (which is good value) but Amazon has knocked £35 off in its Spring Sale making it just £95 – a 27% saving of £34.99.

Again, it’s WiFi 5 rather than WiFi 6, but it’s a bargain at this price.

Best Powerline deals

If you don’t need a full Mesh system, there are two great deals on TP-Link’s Powerline systems. What is Powerline?

TP-Link Powerline AV1000 TL-PA7027P

The AV1000 TP-Link TL-PA7027P starter kit features two Powerline adapters, each with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and passthrough power sockets.

It’s £15 down to £44.99 from £59.99, saving 25% off the normal retail price.

TP-Link Powerline TL-WPA7617

TP-Link’s latest TL-WPA7617 Powerline starter kit features one Gigabit Ethernet port per adapter, and in addition the second-room adapter features a Wi-Fi extender to create a new wireless hotspot. It has £35 off, down to £44.99 from £79.99 – a colossal 44% saving.   

TP-Link Powerline TL-PA9020P

The TL-PA9020PKIT Powerline starter kit lacks a wireless option but does include two Gigabit Ethernet ports and passthrough sockets on each adapter.

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It is on offer for £84.90, a 23% (£25) saving from £109.99.

For more information and in-depth reviews, read our roundup of the best Powerline adapter kits.

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