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“Outlander” Season 6, Episode 5: Who could the whistling prisoner be?

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From mysterious whistling prisoners to the happy baby news, there is a lot to unpack from Outlander Season 6, Episode 5.

By now, it has become increasingly obvious to the Frasers that the American Revolutionary War is fast approaching and Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) is willing to do anything to protect his family and be on the right side of history.

But of course, this is Outlander, and nothing is ever made easy for those on Fraser’s Ridge.

There were a lot of moments towards the end of the episodes, foreshadowing what is to come in the remaining three episodes, from Malva’s (Jessica Reynolds) unsettling behavior to meeting Flora MacDonald (Maria Doyle Kennedy).

And, if things could not get any more intense, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is certain there is a time traveler nearby.

Newsweek has the full recap of Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 below.

Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 Recap

Who Could The Whistling Prisoner Be?

Just as Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 came to an end, Claire Fraser was startled by the sound of a man whistling the tune to “Colonel Bogey March”.

The song is a British march, composed in 1914 by F.J. Ricketts, a British Army bandmaster who became the director of music for the Royal Marines at Plymouth.

The “Colonel Bogey March” would go on to be used during World War II and became an unofficial national anthem during the war, and since then has gone to appear in the 1961 film The Parent Trap and 1985’s The Breakfast Club and remains popular today.

Outlander fans will know Claire Fraser was born in 1918 and served as a combat nurse during the Second World War, so perhaps that is where she recognized the tune from and looked so surprised.

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The fifth episode ended on a huge cliffhanger, teasing just exactly who the whistling man is. Although his face can barely be seen, he looks eerily similar to one of Claire’s kidnappers, Wendigo Donner (Brennan Martin).

Donner appeared in Season 5 as part of the “Montauk Five,” a group of five men and Native American activists who traveled back from 1968. He was also one of the men who kidnapped Claire but was not killed and managed to escape. Sadly, Claire has been anticipating his return ever since.

In Season 5, he was told by Bree (Sophie Skelton). He needed to gemstone to travel through time, and audiences may have noticed he was holding a green gemstone in his hand as he whistled “Colonel Bogey March” from prison.

The possession of the gemstone suggests he was one of the two men who robbed Flora McDonald of her emerald necklace.

If the whistling man is Wendigo, his story from the original Outlander novel, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, upon which Season 6 is based, may play out slightly differently considering he already appeared in Season 5.

However, if it is true Wendigo needs more than one gemstone to travel, as in the books, he may visit Fraser’s Ridge to raid Claire and Jamie’s house in order to get gemstones and will meet a gruesome end.

Hopefully, exactly who the mysterious whistling prisoner is will be revealed in Episode 7 of Outlander.

Elsewhere in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5

Jamie Fraser Betrays his Oath To The Crown

Jamie Fraser appears to be sticking to his word when it comes to no longer serving as an Indian Agent for the British.

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In Episode 4 of Outlander, Jamie, with the help of Ian, delivered numerous amount of guns and other weapons to the Cherokee on behalf of the British. However, before he left, Jamie warned them to fight for themselves and not alongside George III’s army.

When we meet Jamie in Episode 5, he has taken an even greater step and officially resigned from his role as Indian Agent, via letter to Major MacDonald, and even his good friend Lord John (David Berry) could not convince him to stay loyal.

Jamie even sided with the Sons of Liberty, a grassroots political organization that supported the rights of the colonists and fought British taxation. The name Sons of Liberty would also be used for other separatist groups who favored independence ahead of the American Revolution.

Hello Flora MacDonald, Goodbye Fergus

Despite renouncing his loyalty to The Crown, Jamie and Claire attend a loyalist event in Wilmington, in honor of the Scottish heroine, Flora MacDonald.

Upon arrival, Flora shared she had been robbed and two men had made off with her emerald and gold necklace. The two men were eventually apprehended, but one of the jewels in her necklace remained missing. At the end of the episode, audiences learn it was in the hands of the mysterious, whistling man.

Also in attendance at Wilmington was Jamie’s aunt Jocasta and audiences learned the sad news that Fergus (César Domboy) and Marsali (Lauren Lyle) will be leaving Fraser’s Ridge for the town of New Bern, where there is a vacant print shop.

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At dinner, Jamie learned Jocasta was the one who hosted Flora, infuriating him as she is no longer be supporting the British government.

Roger and Bree in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5. Bree shared the happy news she was pregnant.

Some Happy News For Bree and Roger

For a moment in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5, it looked like Bree and Roger’s (Richard Rankin) marriage was heading south after Roger began spending so much time with widow Amy McCallum (Joanne Thomson).

People on the Ridge had begun to spread rumors the pair were having an affair, something which of course, upset Brianna.

But, Outlander fans, we could be fooled. This is Roger Mackenzie and his love for Bree is undeniable. Thankfully, he came to his senses after realizing Amy may have some romantic intentions and returned home to his wife Bree, who shared the happy news is pregnant.

What Is Malva Doing?

The Christies had very little airtime in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 but Malva Christie did decide to make a small appearance here and there and let’s just say everything she did was strange.

Whether it was making out with Mr. Henderson, threatening Roger that she will start rumors he is having an affair with Amy, or cutting the finger off of a dead man, Malva is for sure, up to no good.

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