July 3, 2022



“Never eating chicken again”: Cooked chicken with egg inside stuns internet

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People are shocked after a TikToker claimed their father discovered a whole egg inside of the chicken he cooked, and the situation has ignited a discussion.

The viral TikTok highlighting the egg, captioned, “Nooooooo #egg #chicken #food #soup #goodsoup #tiktok,” has been viewed 1.8 million times and liked 38,000 times since it was shared on March 25.

A survey by the National Chicken Council found that 48 percent of people increased the actual amount of chicken they cooked at home during the pandemic. In addition, 39 percent revealed they increased the different ways they prepared their poultry as well. Also, 50 percent of people in the country who eat chicken said they have eaten it more than other proteins during the pandemic.

The short six-second clip, posted by TikToker @landonolailala, started with the TikToker filming a chicken roast in a pot. Inside a cavity is what appeared to be an egg, which was also roasted along with the chicken and had a casing over it.

“My dad cooked a chicken and found an egg still in its butthole,” the words were said and presented in text overlay.

A cooked chicken with an egg inside of it has stunned the Internet. Above, a roasted chicken on a plate.

The TikToker used a fork to touch the egg a few times, which was attached to the chicken’s cavity. The egg was most likely still there because the bird wasn’t gutted beforehand, but it’s unclear exactly how the egg got there.

The situation has sparked a discussion over the egg inside the chicken, and many people are shocked at the viral clip.

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Some were grossed out, and they let everyone know it. “Well, I’m never eating chicken again,” one TikToker said.

For some, the video changed things for them. “Chicken was already sketchy for me,” a viewer said. “Now it’s been ruined for the rest of my life. For real.”

A few viewers won’t be cooking chicken that way again. “Omg no,” a TikToker said. “I would never cook a whole chicken again, never ever.”

Others had theories for how the egg got inside. “If that was the case, that chicken still had the guts left in it,” a viewer said.

Explanations abounded, and another viewer weighed in, saying, “So, he doesn’t rinse the bird out before cooking? How do you miss an egg?”

Some people had comments like, “Never been happier to be a vegan,” “That would freak me out,” and “This ruined chicken for me forever.”

However, some viewers had jokes over the whole thing. “Oh, extra food,” a TikToker pointed out. “It’s like a reward.”

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @landonolailala for comment.

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