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DJI Index: higher and higher. for DJ:DJI by kvatoo_FX

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Today we are here to talk about the DJI Index.

Today: The index is trading at 34780. And in the last trading session, we saw an increase in prices. However, we have not reached the top yet.

What’s on the market now:

There is a positive mood in the global market. While there is some uncertainty in this trading session, I don’t think it will last long.

Today I have allocated 2 levels for you where I think growth will end.

Level 1 of the end of growth is the price around 35,450 and this level seems to me the most optimistic at the moment.

What are we waiting for today:

We are waiting for further movement to 35,450 – 35,850

What I recommend:
If you want to open short:

1. I recommend opening 35,290. But if you would like to avoid risk, then going short at a price above 35,850 seems to me the safest.

If you are now out of the market, then I also recommend that you stay out of the market for now and continue to watch, wait for the peak of 35,290. And go short there, while limiting your risks wisely.

If you want to buy:

I do not recommend not to open long positions yet because of the possibility of a sharp correction.

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