July 4, 2022



Brits will layer up and halve shower time to cut energy bills

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If you’ve been concerned about the cost of living increases – especially when it comes to rising energy bills – you’re not alone. A March 2022 survey of 2,000 British adults, commissioned by LG Electronics, showed that over three-quarters are worrying about price rises and will try a range of measures to keep their bills in check.

Two-thirds of people are concerned about where they’ll find the money to pay their bills and will cut down in other areas, with 60% saying they’d dine out less often, and 36% considering giving up their Netflix or Amazon account.

But when it comes to energy-saving measures, here are the most popular ideas:

  • 78% said they would wear up to three layers indoors
  • 44% would wash clothes at a lower temperature
  • 41% would use their washing machine less often
  • 39% will cut their shower time in half
  • 29% will hand wash their dishes instead of using the dishwasher

Money-saving tips for home appliances

Most of these measures centre on using appliances less, which makes sense. But there are ways to save money, even when we (inevitably) have to use them.

When it’s time to replace your appliances, look for the best energy rating you can find and check out reviews of any eco modes they may have, which should save money. LG has a number of energy-saving appliances, as do many other brands. 

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Use the eco settings

The survey found that although 56% of households already owned an energy-efficient appliance, over half of people didn’t know how to make the most of these machines.

Unless your dishwasher and washing machine are very old, they’ll have eco settings. Use these as your standard, go-to programmes. In the past, these cycles haven’t always been very effective, leading to people opting for a longer, hotter wash. But technology has improved hugely, even over the last few years, and now they should be your default.

Not only could they save money on electricity bills, washing machines and dishwashers should also use less water, which is better for the environment and will also save money if you’re on a water meter.

Cut the cost of using your fridge freezer

  • Don’t overfill your fridge or freezer. The cold air between items is what keeps your food cool. Make sure there’s enough space between packages for cold air to circulate.
  • As your fridge empties between shops, you can raise the temperature inside by a couple of degrees to use less electricity.
  • If your fridge has an eco or holiday mode, switch it on before you go away.

Use your washing machine and dryer more efficiently

  • To use less energy, opt for lower-temperature cycles. Even if the washing programme lasts much longer, it’ll work out cheaper.
  • Check the manual and follow instructions for how to load your machine. Each model will have an optimal load – and it might be more or less than your last machine.
  • Don’t over-use detergent in the hope that it’ll help your machine to wash more efficiently. More detergent means more work for the machine and more wear on your clothes.
  • If you’re going to put clothes in your dryer, spin them in a fast cycle in the washing machine first to part-dry them. (Don’t do this with delicate woollens.)
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If you’re after more cost-cutting ideas, check out these tips to save money on your energy bills and, if you’ve been mulling over smart heating to keep an eye on your usage, have a look at our round-up of the best smart thermostats we’ve tested. 

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