July 6, 2022



7 Things Women With ADHD Really Want You To Know

6 min read

What’s the first image that comes to mind when someone says ‘ADHD’ to you? Let’s be honest, it’s probably not an emotional and disorganised woman, but the kind of feral five-year-old boy you’d expect to find wreaking havoc in his family home on an episode of Supernanny, while a shattered parent cries in the corner.

With so much of the diagnostic criteria and research into ADHD centred around the male experience, that’s not surprising. In fact, NICE guidelines were only amended to recognise the ways in which girls and women with ADHD might present differently to boys and men in 2018.

More likely to be daydreamers than disruptive students, so many girls – like me – slip under the radar at school.

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